Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom: Growth Mindset


"You have only FAILED IF YOU HAVE GIVEN UP, until then, it's LEARNING"

Carol Dweck researched "Growth Mindset" and she talks about the power of believing in that you can improve.  The power of the word YET or NOT YET allows the student to keep trying and not give up.


"If you have never failed.  You've never tried anything new."

Charles Schulz's,  Peanuts Comic Strip cartoonist became famous, however, in high school his work was rejected for the high school yearbook by the staff at his school.  If this stopped him he would never have become the famous cartoonist he became.As teachers and parents we should highlight the learning that happens through mistakes.  Students should be challenged and their accomplishments celebrated. Effort, practice and process should be praised not just the end result.

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