Sunday, 21 August 2016

10 Reasons for Formative Assessment

1. Formative assessment allows students to take responsibility for their own learning. 

2. It requires that the teacher to communicate clear, specific learning goals to the students.

3. It focuses on goals that have valuable educational outcomes.

4. It identifies the student's current knowledge and skills and the necessary steps for reaching the desired goals.

5. It requires that plans are developed so that the desired goals are achieved.

6. Students are encouraged to self-monitor their progress towards attaining their specific goals.

7. There is frequent assessment which includes peer and student self-assessment and assessment is embedded within the learning activities.

8. Teachers provide examples of learning goals which also includes relevant, specific criteria or rubrics act will be used to evaluate the student's work.

9. Students are given opportunities to revise and improve their work and deepen their understanding.

10. It promotes metacognition and reflection by the students on their work.

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