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"Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him"
Richard Mc Kenna

Every educator should read this book.

The Book Whisperer explains explicitly and clearly as stated on the cover "how to awaken the inner reader in every child."  Donalyn Miller makes the reader reflect on the heart of why we are readers and how to instill the love of reading to everyone in your class.

Miller states in her book that we should be asking ourselves "What is the purpose of reading?" and "What are we trying to promote in our reading program?".  We awaken the inner reader by teaching students to read for pleasure.  

This book put a smile on my face.  Simply put individual choice in what a child reads along with independent reading are two main factors to success.  This makes total sense, after all, as an adult we don't choose to read books that we are not interested in or won't enjoy!  Why would we expect students to read books that they are not interested in?   The classroom library needs to have high-interest books for the students to have choices in selecting books they are interested in reading.

Miller has reached many of the conclusions I have recently.  As a Learning Support Teacher (LaST) I took these principles to develop a volunteer reading program for struggling readers - H.E.A.R.T reading program (Have Every Age Read Together) for older struggling readers.  
You can find this program on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Miller's principles could be used for all students every day all year round to promote lifelong readers. This book will provide teachers with a blueprint for a reading program that will promote a genuine love of reading.

In Miller's classroom students have a 40 book requirement.  She has high expectations and this has had its rewards, however, Miller provides the important ingredients for success TIME, RESOURCES and LEADING BY EXAMPLE.  Miller is an avid reader who demonstrates openly and wholeheartedly the love and passion she has for reading.

I will be writing about other suggestions and tips made in Miller's book in more detail.

My love of quotes will be a Wednesday edition to my blog  called Wednesday's Words of Wisdom. You can also follow my board "Words of Wisdom" on pinterest.

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