Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Wednesday's Words of Wisdom.


An oldie but still a relevant quote for anyone in education.

Tell me and I forget
Teach me and I remember
Involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

This quote personifies to me that teaching is about "involving" students in what they need to learn.  
When students can be involved in hands-on learning, teachers will be able to keep their interest and they are active participants in their learning.

Today we are more and more aware of the teacher being a learner along-side the student and valuing each child's individual learning style.  The student is now more involved in their learning and therefore takes more responsibility with their learning.

Technology can be used to inform us about anything we need to know.  Teachers now need to move away from only telling as a form of instruction and be able to demonstrate clearly and simply so that students can be involved with using this knowledge in a variety of ways to learn successfully. Technology is frowned upon by many, however, used appropriately it creates a learning environment that stimulates many students. As educators we are aware of the importance of visual learning and technology provides a great resource for our visual learners.

So involving the student using many varied ways will provide optimal learning for all.

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