Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Power of Friendship.


We all can relate to the importance of friendship and that having a friend is a true gift that can't be bought.  Children naturally play, laugh and enjoy the company of their friends, however, at times children as well as adults take for granted how important friendship is and how we underestimate this treasure.  

Let's celebrate friendship this Valentines Day by talking to children about our friends and also giving them the opportunity to realise the importance of this wonderful treasure.

I have created a FREE Valentines Pack with Snoopy and friends (Charlie Brown and Woodstock) BE MY VALENTINE FRIEND with printables.  You can find this product by following the link below.

Discuss with the children...
What makes a good friend?
What do good friends do?
Give a compliment to yourself and a friend.

There are many books on friendship.  
Some of my favourites are:-

Charlottes Web (E.B.White)

Elephant and Piggie Series (Mo Willems)
Toad and Frog (Arnold Lobel)
Rainbow Fish (Marcus Pfister)

We need to share and discuss friendships with children.  Also give and receive compliments.   

The movie UP has a beautiful part that demonstrates friendship.  You can show this and discuss it with the children.

I can certainly say that I have been blessed to have some marvellous friends in my life.  They certainly have lifted me up when I was down and we have shared many wonderful memories together.  I still have contact with some friends from my primary school years.  

They say that a diamond is a girls best friend but I would trade it any day for a friend.  A diamond doesn't laugh and cry with you!
A Friend is a GIFT you give to yourself.

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