Friday, 19 February 2016

Five for Friday

Welcome back to another Five for Friday hosted by Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.
Growth Mindset Display.
I have my Snoopy Growth Mindset on display in my room.  You can find this resource on TPT.  Just follow the link below.

The Snoopy Growth Mindset "How High Can You Fly?" is based on the visual below "Which Step Have You Reached Today?"

Collecting Data
I am collecting data on all the children I teach so that I can place them on the literacy continuum and in their correct clusters.

Professional Discussions.
I will be presenting a workshop with a wonderful colleague.  Our presentation will be on Making Thinking Visible.  

Running Records
Part of my data collection is also finding the child's instructional level by using running records.
Running records are a great tool to help teachers identify patterns in a child's reading behaviour.  They help teachers to document progress over time and a teacher can find the appropriate text level for a child.

"The single most important factor influencing learning is what the learner already knows. Ascertain this and teach him accordingly."
David Ausubel 
I am Roaming around the Known with my new Reading Recovery children.
During this time the teacher has the opportunity to observe the child closely.  Valuing what the child already knows and designing appropriate reading and writing tasks using Clay's teaching procedures will support children to become strategic readers and writers.

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  1. I am a reading specialist too! I love your blog design!

  2. Thank you, I love it too. Danielle from was fantastic. She could see my vision and I was so excited when I saw the finished product.
    Reading rocks and I love making connections Jen.


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