Friday, 8 May 2015

Parent Tips to Help Children Read

Parent Tips to Help Children Read

 Margaret Fuller said "Today a reader, tomorrow a leader".

This year I saw a need at our school to share some fundamental strategies for reading that would assist parents in encouraging children to "have a go" at unknown words when reading.  Also to show and discuss simple strategies that can help when parents read at home with their children or come into the classroom to assist with reading at school. 

Learning to read is such a complex task. As adults where reading comes easily we tend to forget the complexities of reading and writing.
I write writing here too as they both come "hand in hand". 

If a child has difficulty learning to read, reading become a tedious task.  If misunderstood the child is totally discouraged and says things like "I hate to read" or "I don't like reading". 

As reading is a means to many ends its importance can't be stressed enough. 
If you can't read it can hinder progress in many other areas. It has therefore become a passion of mine to make reading fun, interesting and not a chore. 

I believe getting everyone on board which includes the most important teachers the parents.  This is a vital and important factor in planning for every child. If we are all listening to children read and most importantly reading aloud to children, which should never be forgotten at any age, our enjoyment in reading together and valuing reading will create a love of reading for all!

You can download the power point from my teachers pay teachers store, just follow the link below.

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