Friday, 8 May 2015

My Classroom with an Eric Carle Theme...

This is my small classroom that is not big enough for a full class but perfect for a small group of children.   With its green background I decided that an Eric Carle theme would add colour and make it bright and cheery.  This was confirmed when my first student arrived and commented, "Wow!  I love it!"

This is where I spend most my time teaching Reading Recovery and taking small groups of children for intensive instruction as I am the Learning Support Teacher at my school.
Below is the space where I have my Reading Recovery sessions and I work on a one to one basis with an individual child with their reading and writing.

The magnetic board below is used to make and break words as well as group letters.

Below is the space used for my small groups and I'm lucky to have an interactive white board as well as large magnetic board.
A well planned classroom environment will promote learning.  Light, space and equipment are all contributing factors to planning a classroom environment. When teaching children with special needs or children that are struggling with some aspects of their learning the environment should be planned very carefully so that it is child-centred and offers a rich array of materials especially hands on equipment and sensory materials.   This will allow children to be involved and engaged in their learning.   So attention to detail will provide a rich environment which in turn will promote optimal

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